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VueTOO enhances interoperability for both government agencies and businesses during emergencies that require instant access to critical information for real-time intercommunication across official department lines.

During normal operations, VueTOO is the right platform to aid in business continuity, security, situational awareness and disaster preparedness.

Ready to go content plus your own custom content:

VueTOO Emergency Management Situation Server
(includes Homeland Security & National Weather Service Assets)

VueTOO Weather Situation Server
(include National Weather Service Assets)

Instantly turn content into a visual situation for your restricted secure access or public access.

VueTOO affordably transforms, modernizes, and consolidates your operations and provides a tailored solution for your agency.

Further security can be enhanced with a public key available only to the individuals of your choice.

Include: 96 inch, 120 inch
4 by 4, 3 by 2 Video Walls


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VueTOO Situation Server works by itself or with existing software.

Makes older software like WebEOC, eTeam, Knowledge Center, ESRI more functional, shareable and lots easier to use.

Combine your CAD, GIS, weather, incident management or any applications you are already currently using internally.

Extend visual access to anyone you choose:
 - inside or outside your normal infrastructure
 - isolated
 - instantly
 - temporarily or permanently

Integrate all your systems visually easily

Share temporarily or permanently otherwise privileged content

Complete infrastructure isolation

Optimize technology and media

Reduce costly operations

Share information from many technologies quick and affordably


Software as a Service, cloud or on-Premise based license

Content securely accessed via LAN/WAN and/or public Internet

Digital sign formatting and Wide Screen LCD & DMP support (Cisco)

Included content options

Visual wireless content fusion

Computer aided dispatch systems
GIS and mapping applications
Incident management programs
Weather applications
RSS feeds
Web cams
Other websites
Images & maps

Public Internet
Standalone application programs
Wireless devices

VueTOO Government Solutions
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